Kitchen Creek Truck Trail

We started off trying to go up a dirt trail to get a little off roading in, but the gates were locked.
The ranger said they weren't, but they were. Anyway, we decided to stop for
lunch before continuing to Kitchen Creek Truck Trail. While there I looked down and saw a
familiar object, Indian Pottery. Being very familiar with what it looks like, I looked around and saw that it was everywhere.
We musta been sitting on a spot where the indians stopped and had lunch too. Anyway we continued on and while on
Kitchen Creek Rd, Mike-G had his GPS and found a Geo-Cache, a stash of cool little treasures in an ammo box.
We contributed some and took some, and then left. we ended up in Laguna, and then split up from there. It was a nice
day and the company was good.
Here's the Geo-Cache info:
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PB160001.JPG PB160002.JPG PB160003.JPG
PB160004.JPG PB160005.JPG PB160006.JPG
PB160007.JPG PB160008.JPG PB160009.JPG
PB160010.JPG PB160011.JPG PB160012.JPG
PB160013.JPG PB160014.JPG PB160015.JPG
PB160016.JPG PB160017.JPG  
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