Convergence 11
April 23rd, day 2 of convergence
The shows at 4th and B.
I would like to thank Dragon, Adam, Carl, Dave Strand
and many others for their help in getting me the press pass
and getting me onstage to photo the bands.
"Anyone seen Doomie?"

P4232375.JPG P4232380.JPG P4232381.JPG
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P4232409.JPG P4232411.JPG P4232413.JPG
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P4232457.JPG P4232458.JPG P4232460.JPG
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P4232472.JPG P4232476.JPG P4232479.JPG
P4232482.JPG P4232486.JPG P4232487.JPG
P4232495.JPG P4232497.JPG P4232501.JPG
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P4232517.JPG P4232518.JPG P4232519.JPG
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